Hiroyuki “Hiro” Tomimatsu brought his experiences with News media: major newspaper and network TV station to
West Wing Asia aiming to strengthen clients’ ability of putting out their messages;
transmitting them throughout the world; and affecting public with their message.
“The world can be changed what messages and how we put out those messages.
” That’s what Hiro saw, felt and experienced through his career.
Hiro set the following visions and we agreed with him.

  1. West Wing Asia will bring our society a continuous prosperity by contributing clients’ problem solution and goal achievement with our greatest strength, Media Communication.
  2. West Wing Asia will boldly challenge this revolutionary generation; carefully foster innovation, creativity and reliability; and provide first class service to all clients.
  3. At West Wing Asia, all of us will keep perspective of an entrepreneur; put a supreme emphasis on contribution to the clients; and do our best on our tasks.


Media Strategy, Support, Consulting Business

News Coverage and Video Shooting; Research and Coordination. For Example:

New Reporting Support
・Setting up and arrange series of interviews you wishes: congressional representatives, actors and actresses, business persons, etc.
・Creating superb image for your company, politician and political parties through new reporting style video.
・Incident and accident news reporting, video reporting.

Corporate Image Videos
・Using for image promotion, recruiting, and sales promotion.
・Video shooting and reporting of press conference and events.
・Video shooting of entertainment and contents business related; clearance of related copy and image rights.
・Coordination of New Reporting for news media who has no base for Tokyo, NY and other target areas for reporting.

Video Creation Business

Corporate Promotion Video for Corporate Image, Exhibition and event records video, short video for promoting at exhibits and events, video manual for institutional use, multi-media images for PC, Tablet, and Samrt-Phones. Clearance of copy and image rights of others and compliance with ethical and moral standards of both Japan and the US.

Business Support and Consulting Business

Support for US market penetration; Translation and Interpretation (English and Chinese). Associate legal service firm, Law Offices of Eiji Okuyama (Strategic Legal Solutions, Inc.), has been helping over 60 companies’ entering and maintaining their US entities. We also have trilingual ability of English, Chinese and Japanese.

Corporate PR Consulting Business

Press Release Creation and Delivery; Press Release for Foreign Media; Public Relation and Commercial Consulting. Hiro Tomimatsu had been a position of receiving many (over 100 per day) press release day-to-day. He utilizes his experiences of receiving many press releases, and now he is advising how client’s press release can achieve its goal.

Human Resource Development Service

Global HR Training Service; Speech Training Service. Our well trained and experienced staffs can provide wide range of training seminars to customize client’s purpose and achieve its goal.


Hiroyuki “Hiro” TomimatsuHiroyuki Tomimatsu
President of West Wing Asia. Former award winning News Reporter and Chief of News Floor of Nagoya Broadcasting Network Co., Ltd. Staff writer of “The Yomiuri Shimbun”. Hiro received many awards throughout his career, but what is notable is that he set the new standard of TV coverage through his report as a special correspondent of 9.11 terrorist attacks. Graduated from Kansai University.

Atsushi MasegiAtsushi Masegi
Visual Director. Former award-winning Video Director of Nagoya Broadcasting Network Co., Ltd. In 2006, he started his own video production company and created many supreme visual works, please see his works at our Japanese page. His works are critically acclaimed by many visual professionals’ associations such as National Board of Regional Visual Industry Associations, where he won the grand prix. He Graduated with honor from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale with BA of Cinema & Photography..

Eiji OkuyamaEiji Okuyama
Attorney & CPA, who is bilingual of English and Japanese. Established Strategic Legal Solutions Inc., and Law Offices of Eiji Okuyama in 2002. Former manager of Arthur Andersen LLP and Deloitte & Touche LLP. Graduated from University of New Hampshire Law School, University of Arizona, and Keio University. Registered attorney at Law of NY State. USCPA.

Hiroko SugisakiHiroko Sugisaki
Former JSR Corporation. Studied at Beijing Normal University for two years. Graduated from Waseda University. Complete trilingual of Chinese/English and Japanese.

生沼麗,Urara OinumaUrara Oinuma
Global Business Instructor, President of Kharites & Co.,Ltd. Started her career at JP Morgan Securities, and worked for other foreign global security companies. Graduated from NYU Wagner School for Public Interest with master degree and BA from Aoyama Gakuin University. Kharites & Co CEO & Founder

Kayoko KageshimaKayoko Kageshima
Announce, voice and speech training, and presentation instructor. Free Announcer. Former Announcer of Nagoya Broadcasting Network Co., Ltd., and Shizuoka Broadcasting System Co., Ltd., Graduated from Seijo University with English literature degree.

Kaori TakayamaKaori Takayama
Announce, voice and speech training, and presentation instructor. Free Announcer. Former Announcer of Nagoya Broadcasting Network Co., Ltd. Graduated from Dokkyo University with foreign language degree.